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Statement of Practice

David A Pierce has been increasingly involved with the activities above since approximately August 17, 1987.-- see the individual links for information on his training and experience in specific activities.  The core idea underlying David's work is that we improve the quality of our lives not by "getting rid" of problems or changing undesirable circumstances or aspects of ourselves, but by "embracing in love" whatever we encounter on our path, expanding our acceptance of ourselves, of others, of the events of our lives.  It is this reperception of our experience that frees the energy bound in our judgements, aversions, or make-wrongs, and that brings about a transformation in our lives [hence the name "Transformational Living"].  This is always a transformation in consciousness, and often a transformation in the circumstances originally creating the desire for change.  In the latter case, we witness one of life's paradoxes, that what is desired becomes available when we are no longer attached to it (what is judged or made wrong can leave when we are no longer averse to it).

There are of course "many paths to the mountaintop", and David offers several modalities in support of this quest, depending on the individual's preference, experience, and need.  An essential ingredient of any of them is providing an unconditionally loving and supportive environment (honoring the truth of who you really are while that truth may still be surfacing), as well as expertly coaching or guiding you based on the modality you have selected.  Sessions, workshops and consultations are aimed not only at understanding important ideas and creating consciousness-widening experiences, but also at imparting valuable skills to use outside the session, on an everyday basis, along the road of life mastery, inner peace, and enlightenment.  Following is a comparative summary of what is offered.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression work with the mind (both the subconscious mind and the higher mind) to achieve similar ends - resolving the limiting effects of past trauma and habit and accessing the resources already within us (that is, the "inner guides" that were the true concern of the ancient alchemists) -- thus opening ourselves to our unlimited potential as both spiritual and physical beings.  By contrast, Rebirthing and Vivation® kinesthetically utilize the power of the breath both to infuse energy (chi, ki, prana) into the body and to unblock suppressed energies that have been stored there.  Breathwork is thus a powerful process to bring us to our natural (fully alive and aware) state, and moreover the " 5 Elements " provide a valuable structure in support of this heightened awareness.  

The different parts of the Free Soul program offer a very direct route to accessing this larger part of ourselves.  Besides imparting information on our psychic strengths and energies, the Psychic Consultation provides a method for obtaining direct answers to questions from our Spirit Guides (or our Higher Self).  The Free Soul classes and workshops impart dozens of methods for developing our psychic abilities, increasing our understanding of ourselves and others, and contacting our unlimited Soul nature -- to experience peace and freedom as well as the possibilities of soul travel and inner healing.

In Reiki the goal is also healing and consciousness raising, and here they are brought about by the practitioner acting as a channel for the Universal Life Energy (chi, ki, or prana, as above) to enter your body - actually your "bodymindspirit" - through a laying-on-of-hands method, in order to bring about a balancing and awakening at all levels of being.  This is more of a "Yin" method than the other modalities -- the Reiki energy itself knows what to do and we simply allow it to happen.  A Reiki session can often be done remotely as well.

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